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In-Office Lab

Welcome to our In-Office Lab

At Eye Care Center Optometrist in Richmond, Kentucky, we aim to give you the best service from start to finish. This includes our state-of-the-art in house lens finishing lab, which provides you top of the line lenses, every time, providing you the best vision possible every day. Dr. Lauren Lodholz of Eye Care Center Optometrist explains how:

glasses 20in 20the 20sunAfter your eye exam, we use the prescription provided to us by your eye doctor, and the information gathered by our certified opticians during your visit, to provide you with a precisely and accurately tailored lens solution. When your glasses order goes to our on-site lab, we will have customized a set of instructions on how they should be made, for all of your particular eye care needs.

In many cases, your lenses can be made in the on-site lab here at Eye Care Center Optometrists, and we are usually able to get them to you in only one to two days! We use the same state of the art equipment in or in-house lab as is found in larger production facilities.

doctor showing glassesOur skilled technicians are always looking for new ways to help improve your vision in life changing ways. The newest innovation in our labs is an Anti-Reflective coating machine, which allows us to coat your lenses for better vision and a more attractive look.

AR coating eliminates troublesome glare and relieve AR coating is also known for its ability to repel dust and smudges. It also wipes clean very easily! Eliminating reflections on the front of your lenses will also allow people to see through your lenses to your eyes, for a better view of you. So not only do you get to see better, but you look better as well!

A trained and certified lab technician oversees every single detail of your prescription lens creation process, from cutting the lens to triple-checking your finished glasses, and everything in between. Our lab technicians undergo a rigorous exam process, so you know you will be receiving an impeccably made pair of glasses the first time, every time!

Our on-site lab is an important part of our underlying commitment to customer satisfaction and industry innovation. And we continue to develop new lens technology and lens-cutting capabilities, so we can help you see with perfect clarity.

For more information about our in-house lab, and the technologies that make it a convenient and innovative solution for our patients, come on in to Eye Care Center Optometrist today.

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