How Does Hot Weather Affect Dry Eyes?

How Does Hot Weather Affect Dry Eyes?

How Does Hot Weather Affect Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes are a common occurrence that happens when the eye does not have enough lubrication. Every time you blink, the eye gets a film of tears that help to lubricate it. If you do not have enough tears, or if you have poor quality tears, the eyes feel dry and irritated. You feel a sting or burning sensation.

Dry weather is one of the most common causes of dry eyes. When there is little humidity in the air, eyes tend to dry up. Sometimes, dry weather comes with gushes of wind that blow particles and debris into the eye causing it to dry up. Here are some of the ways that your eyes are affected by dry weather.

You Feel a Burning Sensation

During hot months you may find that at the end of the day, your eyes feel itchy. You get a scratchy and burning sensation. Washing your eyes with cool clean water can help to reduce the stinging. In some serious cases, you need artificial tears to clear the burning sensation.

Your Eyes Get Sensitive to Glare

If your eyes dry up because of dry weather, you find it difficult to see well in bright light. Your eyes become super sensitive to light. You may even experience blinding headaches that seem to be originating from your eyes.

Your Eyes Become Red and Teary

Dry eyes become red and itchy. You constantly feel like you have something rough in your eyes. The redness is a result of constant itching. The itching is a result of the dry and burning feeling that comes from dry eyes. You also get excessive tearing from the eyes’ reaction to itching.

You Get Eye Discharge

Dry weather irritates the eye and it dries up. The absence of tears means that the eye is not draining as well as it should. Debris, bacteria, and other pathogens float around the eye causing infections. The eye tries to fight the infections, and you end up with thick stringy mucous in the corners of your eyes.

You Get Blurred Vision

Dry eyes can cause blurred vision. If the eye is not lubricated enough, the eye lens can have a hard time focusing on objects. The constant itching also causes the eyelids to puff up causing blurred vision. You may also find that you have a hard time driving at night.

When to Worry

Sometimes, the dry eyes fix themselves as the dry weather season ends. However, in some cases, dry eyes can escalate to more severe conditions. If you are constantly having eye infections due to dry eyes, it is time to see an eye specialist. Vigorous scratching and debris can lead to abrasion of the cornea, which can cause major vision problems. Dry eyes can also interfere with your quality of life. If you find that you cannot read well, you keep getting migraines, you always have red and itchy eyes, then it is time to seek medical intervention.

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