What to Expect From the Ortho-k Treatment Process

Ortho-k lenses are a specialized type of rigid gas-permeable contact lenses. Unlike regular contacts you wear during the day to see well, you wear these contacts while you sleep. Sleeping with the contacts leads to near-perfect vision in the morning. You can see the entire day as clearly as you would with glasses or contacts. 

Hypotrichosis: How LATISSE® Eye Drops Can Help

The eyes are the windows to the soul and a critical part of the beauty of your face. Because of this, many cultures from ages back have used different forms of makeup to accentuate beautiful lashes. It had primarily been important to women, but today, even men are after the beauty that comes with accentuated eyes. The beauty of the eyes is based on the eyebrows and the eyelashes.

Should I See an Eye Doctor for Pink Eye?

Pink eye is an eye problem that affects people of all ages but is more common among children. The conjunctiva covers the sclera (white of the eye) and lines the inner eyelid. It helps keep the eyes moist.

Do Optometrists Treat Pink Eye?

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a swelling or infection of the conjunctiva caused by a virus, bacteria, or allergies. The conjunctiva is the thin transparent layer that covers the white part of the eye and the inner part of the eyelid. 

How Do Optometrists Treat Dry Eye?

Millions of people in the United States suffer from dry eyes every year. The condition causes discomfort and can cause a range of symptoms. If left untreated, it can cause severe damage to your eye health. The good news is that your optometrist can treat it. Read on to learn more.

Dry Eye: Main Causes and How to Treat It

Your eyes depend on their tears to stay moist, uphold eyesight, and maintain comfort. If the tears are not enough to oil and nourish your eyes, you can develop dry eye disease. Dry eye is a prevalent and often lingering problem, especially in adults. Many folks get dry eye disease. But the ailment is not typically severe, and there are steps you can take to treat it.

What to Expect at a Pediatric Eye Exam

Take your children for an eye exam at an early age. It ensures they do not miss their developmental milestones. When your child has good eyesight, it ensures they have a good start in life. You can take them for their first eye exam as early as six months. Afterward, you can take them for an annual exam to ensure everything is okay.

Choosing the Right Frames for Your Face Shape

Your face shape will determine the frames that can make you look good and feel confident. You can identify your face shape by pulling your hair away to have a clear view of your face. Stare directly into your mirror, then look at your contours and the overall face and head.

Why You Should Get Glasses With Blue Light Protection

On top of the musculoskeletal and mental problems that can come from too much screentime, blue light can hurt your eyes. There is evidence that blue light can affect your vision and increase your risk for certain health problems.

Who Is a Candidate for Ortho-k?

You can get rid of daily wear glasses and lenses with ortho-k. Ortho-k is short for orthokeratology. It is a treatment whereby you wear lenses when going to sleep. The ortho-k lenses correct your cornea while you sleep. When you wake up, your cornea holds the new shape throughout the day.

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